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2020/03/13 | Xiaochen Su
Will Taiwanese Cuisine Sustain Its Popularity in Japan?
Taiwanese cuisine is slowly capturing the hearts of foodies around the world, including Japan's.
2017/06/05 | Eraldo S. Santos
BOOK REVIEW: 'The New York Riots of 1964 and The War on Crime'
Resonating with current discussions on racism and police brutality, this book will prove an inspiring read for those questioning the relationship between discourses of law and order and the reproduction of collective fear, writes Eraldo S. Santos.
2017/06/04 | Guy Aitchison
BOOK REVIEW: 'The Ethics and Politics of Immigration'
Alex Sager brings together contributors to examine debates within political philosophy and theory regarding the laws, policies, and practices governing immigration.
2017/05/27 | Sam Bateman
Game On Again in the South China Sea as First FONOP under Trump is Chalked-Up
A US warship has sailed within 12 nautical miles of the Chinese-occupied Mischief Reef in the South China Sea. This was the first such challenge to Beijing under President Donald Trump.
North Korea in for Trump-Style Shock and Awe
Trump’s North Korea approach is different from any of his predecessors.
Is Tech Defining the Future of Taiwan-US Relations?
There are many opportunities for future Taiwan-U.S. collaboration, argues Matt Fulco.
2017/03/01 | Peter Rutland
The Petty Bargain: Trump, Putin and the Future of US-Russia Relations
The annexation of Crimea showed that the most reliable way to ensure a surge of popularity for Putin is foreign policy adventurism. More surprises may be in store.
2017/02/01 | Peter Layton
Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy Troubles US–China Relations
Dealing with the Trump presidency might be best seen as an exercise in operating in a state of permanent crisis management.
2017/01/23 | Hitoshi Tanaka
Shoring Up the US–Japan Alliance Under Trump
As Trump takes office, it will be crucial that his team makes a concerted effort to understand the positions of US allies and friends.
2016/12/29 | Kirsten Han
Amos Yee Awaits Appearance before US Immigration Judge
Singaporean teenage blogger Amos Yee remains detained in the United States while his application for political asylum is referred to an immigration judge.
2016/11/11 | Shashank Joshi
What Donald Trump means for India
'Donald Trump is not an unknown quantity (no-one with 34,000 tweets could be described as such) but many of his views on Asia are glib, erratic, or extreme.
2016/11/09 | Sam Chang
Did the Wrong Person Win? Trump, Clinton and Fixing Democracy with Negative Voting
In the selection of UN Secretary General, voting against the nominated candidates is accepted option. Why should not ordinary citizens have the same option when selecting our leaders?
2016/11/01 | Sarosh Bana
India’s Leaky Submarines
After this debacle, it is clear that confidentiality and information security will be important factors in determining the outcome of future international military tenders.
2016/10/17 | Euan Graham
Australia’s Debate on Freedom of Navigation Ops: A Necessary Storm in a Teacup
The South China Sea is not yet 'lost,' but maintaining access will require a broad multinational effort. Canberra can help to lay the groundwork for the next phase.
Modernized Tactical Nuclear Arsenals Risk Sparking Arms Races
Two technological trends are influencing the way tactical nuclear weapons could impact strategic stability: the proliferation of precision strike weapons and the emergence of advance area-denial capabilities and credible ballistic missile defense. 
2016/09/29 | The Japan Times
OPINION: U.S. Presidential Debate Unnerving for Asia
For non-American viewers, the first U.S. presidential debate provided ample cause for alarm.