美利堅合眾國(英語:United States of America,縮寫為USA,一般稱為 United States(U.S.或US),或America),中文通稱「美國」,是由其下轄50個州、華盛頓哥倫比亞特區、五個自治領土及外島共同組成的聯邦共和國。 --來自 維基百科


2021/01/12 | East Asia Forum

How Will Biden’s Strategy on South Asia Differ From Trump’s?

U.S. president-elect Joe Biden might shake up Washington's current foreign policy, but not its South Asia policy.

2020/12/11 | Voice of America

China Limits Travel by Some US Officials To Hong Kong

China is restricting travel by some U.S. officials to Hong Kong after the U.S. imposed sanctions and a travel ban on 14 Chinese officials.

2018/01/30 | Brendan Thomas-Noone

Asia's Nuclear Powers Switch Focus to New Missile Technologies

As the arm races keep escalating in Asia, maintaining strategic stability in 2018 will only become more difficult.

2017/12/29 | Chris Horton

US Tax Cuts Entice Taiwan Firms

Taiwan's top firms are looks anew at investing in the US, but while the door is open to the country's biggest companies, the SMEs that make up 90 percent of its companies still struggle to get a look in.

2017/07/19 | Michael S. Chase

China's Nuclear Bomber: Creating Credible 'Triad' and Boosting PLAAF Strategic Role

A PLAAF nuclear bomber capability would provide China with its first credible nuclear ‘triad’ of delivery systems dispersed across land, sea, and air.

2017/07/07 | Robert E Kelly

The Tragedy of Otto Warmbier

Given Warmbier’s obvious innocence — his youth, his deeply disturbing post-arrest press conference, his political nature — his death has had a greater impact than most North Korean hostage and abductee stories.

2017/07/04 | Bert Chapman

US Concern Over the Rise of Chinese Military Power

Concern over the strength and readiness of the U.S. military in relationship to China and other strategic threats has become more apparent in U.S. strategic analysis.

2017/07/01 | James Fahn

Can the World Negotiate a ‘Paris Agreement' for the Oceans?

Global cooperation on the protection of our seas has been one of the weak points of the environmental movement, reports James Fahn.

2017/06/22 | Mark Valencia

The Dangerous Rise in US-China 'At Sea Incidents'

When and if China’s ISR capabilities reach technologic and geographic parity with those of the U.S., the two may see fit to negotiate such guidelines. In the meantime, such incidents will probably become more frequent and dangerous.

2017/06/08 | Li Zhiqing

As the U.S. Says ‘Non!’ to Paris, What Will China Do Next?

President Trump’s withdrawal from the landmark agreement gives China a chance to lead the fight against climate change — if it is ready to do so.

2017/06/01 | Daniel Fazio

North Korea and the Guns of August

Brinkmanship on the Korean Peninsula can only go so far before a crisis occurs, or war breaks out, Daniel Fazio writes.

2017/05/29 | Ping Deng

What To Do When China Comes Calling: Sizing Up Foreign Direct Investment

When analyzing future Chinese investment, we need to recognize these inter-dependencies and the possible synergies and conflicts between them.

2017/05/10 | He Fan & Xingjie Sun

Playing the Xi Card: Can China Influence North Korea?

The United States should seriously assess the extent to which it could accept North Korea’s temporary nuclear status. China’s concern should be whether, in the long run, it should facilitate a nuclear-free, unified Korea that is free of U.S. troops and on good terms with the United States and China.

2017/05/09 | TIME

North Korea's Arrest of US Citizens Is 'Classic Asymmetric Warfare,' Says Expert

Two more arrests come as U.S. President Donald Trump has turned up the heat on Kim Jong Un, dispatching the USS Carl Vinson naval strike group to the Korean peninsula, and warning of a 'major, major conflict.'

2017/05/03 | Mark J. Valencia

(Mis)construing China’s Threat to the South China Sea

There is obviously a disagreement over the definition of 'militarization' and who is doing it. Was the recent U.S. deployment of the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike force into the South China Sea 'militarizing' the Sea?

2017/04/20 | Li Guangshou

Are Major Auditors Helping Chinese Firms Get Away with Fraud?

Market dominance by the Big Four accounting firms may be helping unscrupulous companies get listed on US stock exchanges.