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2017/01/18 | Bernt Berger
OPINION: Tapei and Beijing Should Tell the US to Back Off
' Taipei submitting to demands for nationalist self-determination at home will result in greater dependency and shifts of the U.S.'s One-China policy.'
Taiwan's Political Revolution and China's Challenge
Donald Trump and Taiwan’s president aren’t China’s biggest long-term ‘Taiwan issue’ challenge, argues Courtney Donovan Smith.
2017/01/10 | Wayne Pajunen
OPINION: Trump Swings for the Fences on Taiwan
With unpredictability and a solid bat, Trump may change the Taiwan-China paradigm, writes Wayne Pajunen.
2017/01/07 | ZiQing Low
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The biggest stories from around Taiwan today.
2016/12/20 | ZiQing Low
Trending in Taiwan Today
Today's biggest stories from around Taiwan.
2016/12/12 | David Prentice
OPINION: 'One China' Dead Before Trump-Tsai Call
Beijing doesn’t see the irony in the fact that when Xi met Ma in Singapore last year, the Chinese president was practically accepting that “one China” as a common goal was as good as dead.
2016/12/09 | ZiQing Low
Trending in Taiwan Today
Today's biggest stories from around Taiwan.
Parsing the Significance of the Tsai-Trump Call
 So what does this portend for U.S.-Taiwan-China relations under the Trump administration?
2016/10/20 | Alexander Melnik
Being Tongzhi: Examining LGBT Rights In Taiwan
Many consider Taiwan to be East Asia’s friendliest country for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders.
2016/10/11 | Philip Liu
Taiwan Primed for Smart Machinery Development
The Tsai Ing-wen government has included this sector among its five priority industries.
2016/07/14 | Edward White
FEATURE: Freddy Lim on Influencing the DPP, China, Missed Opportunities and Taiwan's Dodgy Media
Freddy Lim, an internationally renowned heavy metal singer and civic activist, is part of a new wave of politicians trying to reshape Taiwanese society. In an interview at his Taipei office, Lim reflects on his time in the Legislative Yuan so far, the pace of reform in Taiwan and the New Power Party’s future prospects.
2016/06/20 | Edward White
Are Offshore Wind Farms the Answer to Taiwan’s Energy Woes?
Offshore wind has the potential to drive Taiwan’s shift from nuclear and fossil fuels. However, it is unlikely to be a panacea for a carbon-intensive, resource-poor energy system.