2019/03/05 | Saigoneer

North Korea Tours Are Big in Vietnam Following Trump-Kim Summit

'They have great beaches,' Donald Trump once said of North Korea. 'You see that whenever they are exploding their cannons into the ocean.'

2019/02/28 | TIME

Trump-Kim Summit Ends Abruptly With No Deal

The second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has ended without a deal.

2019/02/07 | TIME

4 Reasons Vietnam Is Perfect for the Second Trump-Kim Summit

Donald Trump says the second summit between he and Kim Jong-un is set to take place in Vietnam in late February.

2018/08/16 | East Asia Forum

Why US-North Korea Peace Negotiations Have Hit a Diplomatic Wall

Diplomatic momentum has hit a standstill as the two sides cannot decide on the implementation of the four articles of the Singapore declaration.

2018/06/12 | David Green

EDITORIAL: Trump Gives Up the Store to Kim the Murderous Dictator

Trump has shown Kim the ultimate kindness in offering him everything and receiving nothing in return.

2018/06/12 | TIME

Trump-Kim Summit Delivers Signatures, Assurances and Show of Unity

The nature of the documents signed and whether North Korea will abide by their terms remains to be seen.

2018/06/08 | TIME

OPINION: Signs Suggest Kim Is Ready to Deal in Singapore

A purge of top military brass and the completion of nuclear capability suggest Kim is ready to open up to economic development.