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2018/06/15 | TIME
Flush from Singapore Success, Trump OKs $35-55 Bln Tariffs on Chinese Imports
After his foreign policy foray in Asia, Trump is returning to his core message of economic nationalism.
2018/05/16 | TIME
North Korean Peace Talks Hit a Setback – Nukes
The tone in Northeast Asia has once again grown grim at Kim threatens to back out of negotiations.
2018/04/25 | Taiwan Insight
OPINION: Taiwan–US Relations Reach a Turning Point
Gerrit van der Wees argues that a confluence of trends means that 2018 will be a defining year for the United States and Taiwan.
2018/04/19 | The Conversation
Could the US Really Re-enter the TPP?
The American president has spun around twice on the issue in the past two weeks.
2017/10/23 | Sally Tyler
End to 'War on Coal' Puts Asia's Renewable Future at Risk
New Trump administration moves to bolster coal-fired electricity production echo recent moves to embrace the polluting fossil fuel in Southeast Asia, and threaten both renewable energy goals and greenhouse gas emission targets of the Paris climate change accord.
Philippines Foreign Policy under President Duterte
Philippines foreign policy under President Duterte has strengthened relations with Japan and appeared to tack away from the U.S., but the reality is more nuanced.
2017/09/07 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Will Taiwan Lose US Trade over North Korea?
Taiwan may risk losing its third largest export partner, the US, and $33.6 billion worth of foreign trade over North Korea.
2017/08/31 | T J Pempel
Trump's Wrecking Ball Hits US–Asia Relations
'By the six-month mark, the Trump administration is well on its way to upending 70 years of regional partnerships, institutional allegiances and soft power appeal through cavalier neglect and wilful destruction.'
The New Paradigm: Washington Getting Tough on Taipei
'Even career government officials who had served in previous administrations adopted a tougher tone this year, asserting that little progress could be expected in expanding bilateral economic ties unless Taiwan acts decisively to shave its trade deficit with the United States and tackle major outstanding trade issues.'
2017/07/31 | Silvia Menegazzi
The Trials of Keeping the International System Afloat: EU–China Relations in the Trump Era
In a post-Brexit scenario, the EU strategy of prioritizing democracy-first, rule-of-law and human rights discourses with China may not be sustainable over economic pragmatism.
2017/07/15 | Jeffrey Robertson
Can Trump and Moon Deliver a Unified Approach to North Korea?
The incompatibility of Moon and Trump was recognized from an early stage.
2017/07/11 | Sam Roggeveen
Washington's Hand Weakens as North Korea Launches ICBM
'US Administrations including this one have long said a North Korean ICBM is unacceptable, but unless the US is prepared to go to war, and risk millions of Korean and Japanese lives in the process, accept it Washington must.'
2017/06/04 | Guy Aitchison
BOOK REVIEW: 'The Ethics and Politics of Immigration'
Alex Sager brings together contributors to examine debates within political philosophy and theory regarding the laws, policies, and practices governing immigration.
Trump and Climate Science: Typhoons are Already Becoming More Intense in Asia
The intensity of typhoons battering China, Taiwan, Japan and the Korean Peninsula since 1980 has increased by 12 to 15 percent.