太魯閣族(太魯閣語:Truku,書寫系統制定前慣以 Taroko 拼寫),是臺灣的原住民族群,於2004年1月14日成為第12個經行政院核定的臺灣原住民族,目前人口約三萬人。 --來自 維基百科


2021/09/19 | Bryan Chou

Taipei Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Indigenous Peoples in Mining Rights Case

Taipei’s Supreme Administrative Court on Thursday revoked the economic ministry’s renewal in 2018 of Asia Cement Corporation’s mining permit in Hualien for another 20 years.

2017/10/17 | Rosemary Chen

ISSUE: Undermining Taiwan’s Indigenous Environments

Mining continues to threaten people and environments in Taiwan's national forest areas, highlighting the importance of forthcoming changes to the Mining Act.