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2017/05/29 | Ping Deng

What To Do When China Comes Calling: Sizing Up Foreign Direct Investment

When analyzing future Chinese investment, we need to recognize these inter-dependencies and the possible synergies and conflicts between them.

2017/05/25 | Dániel Balázs

China Hits Speed Wobbles Driving the Silk Road through Sri Lanka

'Beijing has already burnt itself in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, where the public is becoming hostile to Chinese projects. Like a chain, the Belt and Road is as strong as its weakest link and public perceptions toward China can become an existential issue for Beijing’s ambitious initiative.'

2017/05/23 | Tristan Kenderdine

China’s One-Way Trade Street

Rather than a regional trade agreement, China’s Belt and Road strategy is an extension of Beijing’s economic policy in foreign lands, Tristan Kenderdine writes.

2017/05/22 | Angela Han

Cold Shoulder: Why Beijing Snubbed Singapore at the Belt and Road Summit

Beijing did not invite Singapore's Prime Minister to attend the Belt and Road event in Beijing this week, signifying strain in sino-Singapore relations.

2017/05/13 | Yao Han

Book Review: How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project by Kristen Hopewell

In 'Breaking the WTO: How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project,' Kristen Hopewell argues that the active pursuit of their own interests by emerging powers leads neo-liberalism into stalemate. Using the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as an example, the book not only illustrates a power shift, but also that the demands of emerging powers embracing the existing rules make consensus harder to reach. Yao Han appreciates the bold and innovative interpretations of the power interactions behind the WTO offered by this work.

2017/03/23 | Micha’el Tanchum

Saudi Arabia the Next Stop on China’s Maritime Silk Road

China and Saudi Arabia's increasingly close relations signals a consequential shift in the Middle East - Asia security architecture.

2017/03/20 | Edward White

Smooth Sailing in Cross-Strait Trade?

China-Taiwan trade statistics for 2016 were released earlier today.

2017/03/06 | Alwin Adityo

Can RCEP Revive a Dead TPP?

With the TPP axed, RCEP has quickly become the most crucial trade agreement in the Asia Pacific. But to succeed, RCEP must prove itself as an agreement that can successfully link the interests of countries at various stages of economic development.

2017/02/22 | Stephen Olson

Keeping An Eye On U.S.–China Semiconductor Supremacy Struggles

The way the semiconductor issue is resolved will tell us a lot about whether the two countries will be able to work out a broader modus vivendi for their future trading relationship.

2017/02/15 | Chris Horton

APEC: Taiwan’s Most Important International Forum

Given the current cross-Strait climate, Taiwan’s role in APEC is arguably more important than ever, writes Chris Horton.

2017/02/14 | The Japan Times

A Good Start for Abe and Trump?

The two leaders two leaders emphasized that they remain fully committed to strengthening the economic relationships, despite earlier criticism by Trump on trading with Japan.

2017/01/23 | Hitoshi Tanaka

Shoring Up the US–Japan Alliance Under Trump

As Trump takes office, it will be crucial that his team makes a concerted effort to understand the positions of US allies and friends.

2016/11/29 | Alek Chance

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy and China

We cannot count on Trump to be an isolationist; this common expectation is misguided and based in an oversimplification of his rhetoric, argues Alek Chance.

2016/11/22 | Ho-fung Hung

Trump Won't be Solely to Blame for Regression in China-U.S. Trade

China’s 'fat' SOEs already impede U.S.-China economic integration, argues Ho-fung Hung.

2016/11/15 | David Shinn

China’s WTO Compliance: The U.S. Reaction

China's trade record is set to go under the spotlight with President-elect Trump's promised crackdown.