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2017/08/31 | T J Pempel
Trump's Wrecking Ball Hits US–Asia Relations
'By the six-month mark, the Trump administration is well on its way to upending 70 years of regional partnerships, institutional allegiances and soft power appeal through cavalier neglect and wilful destruction.'
2017/03/23 | Crispin Rovere
Dear Foreign Policy Elite: You’re Obsolete
Foreign policy elite who have been criticizing US. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for his rejection of 'protocol' should focus on his achievements on issues affecting US interests instead.
2017/03/20 | Sheila A Smith
Where Does Trump's America First Leave Asia?
Asian leaders may find that their publics are less inclined to compromise with Washington under Trump.
2017/01/16 | David Brown
The Art of a Trump-China deal
The incoming Trump administration is clearly intent on changing Beijing’s behavior, argues David Brown.