電視(英語:Television,簡稱:TV)這詞語代表三種不同的涵義,如:連續動態的影像和聲音轉換為電子訊號,並通過各種渠道傳輸電子訊號,後再將電子訊號還原為影像和聲音的技術,即電視技術;指接收這種電子訊號的設備,即可以接收並還原電子訊號為連續動態的影像和聲音的裝置,即電視機;一種社會文化現象,特指人群之間、人群與人之間使用電視作為傳播載體進行訊息交流、訊息傳播,即所謂的廣播過程,諸如電視節目的製作、電視訊號的傳輸、接收,以及觀眾對於電視節目內容的評判和反饋等的各個方面。 --來自 維基百科


2017/02/22 | Matthew Fulco

8K TV Offers Glimmer of Hope for Taiwan

The launch of 8K resolution television sets represents a glimmer of hope for the Taiwan panel-making industry.

2017/01/10 | Li Xueqing

Chinese Publishers Turn to TV as Book Profits Spiral

Instead of selling the rights to their novels, publishers in China are launching their own production teams to adapt work for the screen.

2016/10/14 | ZiQing Low

'China’s Netflix' Hits a Snag in Effort to Set up Taiwan Subsidiary

A dispute is brewing on whether China’s biggest video provider should be treated as a traditional broadcaster in Taiwan.

2016/10/05 | Matthew Fulco

Taiwan Tunes Out of TV

Low investment and lax regulations threaten the long-term survival of the domestic television industry.