Ted Cruz

拉斐爾·愛德華·「泰德」·克魯茲(英語:Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz,1970年12月22日-),美國重量級政治人物,生於加拿大卡爾加里,畢業於哈佛法學院,現任德州聯邦參議員、科學與太空委員會主席,曾於2016年參選美國總統,大選時則力挺川普當選。 --來自 維基百科


2019/02/27 | Milo Hsieh

OPINION: Should Tsai Address US Congress? Let's Ask the People of Taiwan

The brunt of any consequences, positive or negative, to Tsai addressing US Congress would be felt by the people of Taiwan.

2016/03/10 | Jeffrey Tsai

Recap of the US Presidential Primaries: Trump and Clinton in the Lead, Sanders is the Dark Horse

·Trump is increasingly likely to become the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. ·Sanders has had a string of wins, capped with the upset at Michigan, that threatens Clinton’s current lead for the nomination race.