塔利班(普什圖語和波斯語:طالبان‎,意即「伊斯蘭教的學生」,羅馬拼音轉寫:Taliban),或譯塔勒班,意譯為神學士,是發源於阿富汗坎達哈地區的遜尼派伊斯蘭原教旨主義武裝組織。 --來自 維基百科


2016/08/01 | Olivia Yang

China Invites Taliban to Beijing for Five-Day Visit

Analysts believe that the Chinese government's involvement in Afghanistan is to strengthen China’s national security, especially in Xinjiang Province.

2016/03/28 | TNL 編輯

Third Pakistan Terrorist Attack This Month Leaves at least 70 Killed

A suicide bomb was detonated in a public park in Pakistan on the evening of March 27, killing at least 70 people and leaving more than 300 injured. A breakaway Pakistani faction of the militant Taliban claimed the responsibility for the attack, which is said to have targeted the Christian community. Since it was Easter, many Christian families were in the park celebrating the holiday. Many children and women were among the victims.