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2019/11/12 | Syrena Lin
China's 26 Measures: 'Wan Wan' Is Already at Home
China's new 26 measures and its call for "Wan Wan" to come home are just trivial attempts to undermine Taiwan's 2020 elections, again.
2019/01/09 | Nick Aspinwall
Taiwan's Indigenous to Xi: Taiwan Is Not China, Xi Does Not 'Understand Dignity'
In an open letter to Xi Jinping, Taiwan's indigenous call on China to respect the self-determination of the island and its indigenous population.
2018/12/01 | New Bloom
OPINION: Watch for KMT City-to-City Exchanges Between Taiwan and China
The KMT may try and push a model of cross-Strait cooperation pioneered by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je.