2016/03/14 | TNL 編輯

73% of People in Taiwan Consider Themselves Taiwanese Rather Than Chinese

A latest survey shows that 73% of people living in Taiwan consider themselves “Taiwanese,” setting the highest record in history. Direct presidential elections and democratization are said to be the two major catalysts leading to the growth in these numbers.

2016/03/10 | TNL香港編輯

Survey Shows 67% of Hong Kong Youth Support Taiwan’s Independence

A recent poll shows 35% Hongkongese surveyed support Taiwan’s independence, which is the highest record in the last 21 years. What’s more, up to 67% of young people in Hong Kong support Taiwan’s independence.

2016/02/24 | TNL 編輯

Freddy Lim Restates His Position of Taiwan's Independence in First Interpellation

Freddy Lim (林昶佐), former vocalist for Taiwan heavy metal band Chthonic (閃靈樂團), founded the New Power Party (NPP) in 2015. On January 16, he was elected into the parliament and had his first interpellation on February 23, in which he raised three issues.