2020/03/09 | Daphne K. Lee

Coronavirus Impact Prompts Illegal Unpaid Leave for Taiwanese Workers

Both domestic and international tour operators have allegedly put their employees on unpaid leave of absence without notifying the Department of Labor.

2020/02/20 | Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan to Subsidize Tourism Industry Hard Hit By Coronavirus

Taiwan's government is injecting subsidies into the tourism sector, which has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

2019/11/28 | Pingtung County Government

Pingtung's Sweet Sensations: 7 Dessert Shops You Can’t Miss

Pingtung is the dessert heaven of Taiwan. These spots will definitely make you hungry for some sweets!

2019/03/22 | Saigoneer

Taiwan Has Implemented Stricter Visa Rules for Vietnamese Tourists

Taiwan re-opened its Kuan Hung visa program for Vietnamese nationals this week, but the rules have been tightened following a high-profile case of missing Vietnamese tourists.

2018/08/01 | Yang

Taiwanese Tourists Newly Welcomed into 'Mysterious' North Korea

A North Korean travel agency has partnered with Taiwanese proprietors to offer new travel opportunities to prospective Taiwanese visitors.

2018/07/27 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

Strolling Sip by Sip Along Taiwan's Tea Trail

From expensive high-mountain oolong to humble roadside tea stands, Taiwan does not mess around when it comes to perfecting the art of tea.

2018/04/20 | Kathy Cheng

Taiwan's Online Tourism Marketing Spends Public Money for Nothing

Taiwan's online tourism marketing is nothing short of a disgrace.

2017/07/10 | Olivia Yang

PHOTO STORY: Taiwan's Oldest Salt Field

Salt fields ran along the shoreline of southern Taiwan for more than 300 years, before they were abandoned in 2002.

2017/04/16 | Steven Crook

Accessing the Best of Alishan in Taiwan

How can you travel one of Taiwan's most popular tourist attractions?

2016/11/12 | Kathy Cheng

The Five Least Business-Friendly Practices in Taiwan

If Taiwanese businesses want consumers’ respect, they need to earn it. Playing it cheap and chanting 'cha bu duo' has never worked, and it never will.

2016/10/22 | Steven Crook

INTERVIEW: American Travel Writer on Taiwan's 'Subtle Magic'

Joshua Samuel Brown will be heading back to Taiwan in January 2017 to begin on his fourteenth book, a hybrid travelogue/guidebook titled, 'Formosa Moon for Things Asian Press.'

2016/08/15 | Giulia Pines

Taiwan’s Yehliu And The Debate Over Geotourism

'Yehliu is a perfect example of the dilemma faced by today’s geotourism industry: parks like these must make money to pay for their upkeep, yet making money can really only mean one thing: bringing in the hoards of tourists whose stomping feet may only hasten its demise.'

2016/07/28 | Beyonder Times

Taiwan’s New Tourism Ambassador? American Engineer Develops Taiwan Cuisine App

'I want to focus on marketing Taiwan in the right way, and create products that can really help people.'