2020/09/16 | TNL Staff

Taiwan’s Bird Conservation Group Expelled From BirdLife International

Taiwan's Chinese Wild Bird Federation declined demands to change its name and sign a statement "not to promote or advocate for Taiwan independence."

2019/01/10 | The Interpreter

Tsai Ing-wen's Battle to Quell DPP Factionalism Is Not Over Yet

Despite the ascendance of Tsai ally Cho Jung-tai to DPP chair, the president still presides over a house divided.

2018/11/12 | New Bloom

'Make China Lose Again': Taiwan Gets Love From the Polish Far-Right

Premier William Lai's decision to comment favorably on a pro-Taiwan video by a Polish fringe far-right group might not have been the best idea.

2018/10/25 | 新公民議會

OPINION: 1 Thing The ROC Flag Represents for All of Us

Should we respect the history of the ROC flag, or should we discard it and move on? Whatever your view, the debate over its existence reflects the strength of Taiwanese democracy.

2018/03/08 | Brian Hioe

OPINION: Independence Referendum Push Challenges DPP Complacency

The backing of political heavyweights and unprecedented third-force unity threaten to undermine the DPP.

2018/02/12 | Morley J Weston

How to Catch Taiwan at the Winter Olympic Games

The country-that-cannot-be-named has never won a medal at a Winter Olympics.

2018/02/09 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: China Offended Yet Again

Mercedes apologized for an Instagram post that quoted the Dalai Lama.