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2020/07/03 | Ian Chen
Taiwanese Cinema Revival: Moving Beyond State Subsidies and Arthouse
After two decades of decline, Taiwanese cinema has seen a revival. We have to look far back at the Motion Picture Act and government grant scheme to understand how this happened.
2020/05/29 | Rik Glauert
Adultery No Longer Criminal Offense in Taiwan
Until the ruling today, Taiwan had been the last country in East Asia with criminal adultery laws.
2020/05/27 | Nicholas Haggerty
What Does It Mean to Be an Expat, Anyway?
Foreigners, expats, immigrants, migrant workers. Will these class labels have the same meaning in the post-pandemic world?
2020/05/26 | Milo Hsieh
What TSMC and Taiwan Have to Gain From Planned US Factory
TSMC's proposed factory in Arizona would grant one of Taiwan's most important companies direct access to the U.S. market.
2020/05/25 | Randy Mulyanto
Can We Pray Away the Coronavirus in Indonesia?
Indonesia's government relies on the Almighty to ward off Covid-19. My fellow citizens crowd at a McDonalds against social distancing measures. But I haven't lost hope.
2020/05/22 | Daphne K. Lee
Did Taiwan Miss the Boat to Change Its Work Culture?
Given Taiwan's much-lauded pandemic response, remote work was barely an option for many office workers. Taiwan might have missed the chance to leave its factory work mindset behind.
2020/05/04 | Sean Kramer
Everything You Need to Know About Taiwan’s Baseball Teams
A guide to choosing a team to support for Taiwan's 2020 CPBL season.
2020/04/26 | Luke Hein
Roots of Life and Music in Yilan
Jipo, a sheng player from Yilan County in Taiwan, forsook a career in the capital to make music with his community.
2020/03/18 | Daphne K. Lee
Taiwan to Ban Entry of Foreign Travelers Over Imported Coronavirus Cases
Taiwan will ban foreign nationals from entering the country starting on March 19 due to a surge in imported coronavirus cases.
2020/03/14 | WorldView
[WorldView] How Taiwan Battles COVID-19
Taiwan is just off the southeastern coast of China, and there is a huge amount of people traveling back and forth. But, as of March 13, Taiwan has only reported 50 confirmed infections. How did Taiwan manage to contain the spread of the coronavirus?
Taipei’s Pay Phones: A Relic of the Past?
Taipei's pay phones are slowly disappearing from the street view.
2020/03/10 | TNL Staff
Taiwan's Second Wave Response to Curb Coronavirus Spread
Taiwan is pursuing new preventive and disease control measures against the COVID-19 outbreak, despite exclusion from the World Health Organization.
Taiwan’s Craft Beer Industry in Search of a Local Identity
Taiwan's burgeoning craft beer scene has come a long way since independent brewing was legalized in 2002. However, the breweries have wildly different ideas about using local ingredients and what makes a Taiwanese craft beer Taiwanese.
Superstar Aquarius Docks in Keelung Again With Crew Quarantined on Board
Passengers left the ship after Taiwanese health officials conducted a sample test for coronavirus. The Chinese crew members were not allowed to disembark.
Cruise Ship Carrying Taiwanese Passengers in Limbo Over Coronavirus Measures
A cruise ship carrying over 1,700 Taiwanese passengers has been sent back and forth between the ports of Taiwan and Japan.
Anxiety Heightens As Virus Spreads to Taiwan and the US
The mysterious new strain of the coronavirus has penetrated Taiwan and the United States. International health organisations urge caution.
2019/06/27 | Taiwan Insight
Rap for the Machine: How the CCP Co-Opted Chinese Rap
Chinese Rap artists, such as CD Rev, are aligning their songs with the views of the CCP in terms of their Taiwan and Xinjiang narratives in return for access to the tools that will bring their groups wild success within the PRC.
2019/04/11 | Cat Thomas
The Ultimate Guide to Taipei's Urban Nomad Opening Freakout
Get your dancing shoes on for Taipei’s best-loved festival of all that is weird and wonderful: The Urban Nomad Opening Freakout. Here's all the info on the festival including the timetable, music clips and top tips.