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2018/07/23 | Abby Huang
Taiwan's Electricity Shortage and the 'Demand Response' Solution
Taiwan’s daily electricity consumption in May repeatedly hit record highs. Could power be in short supply this summer? Who is sucking up all the power, and could new initiatives encourage them to cough it back up?
2018/01/15 | Nick Aspinwall
Homelessness, Debt, Lost Memories: Hongmaogang's Cautionary Tale
The people of Hongmaogang have faced numerous challenges since their village was relocated in 2007. Now, residents work to keep their homeland's spirit alive - and warn their threatened neighbors in Dalinpu of what lies ahead.
2017/12/06 | Dinah Gardner
Could a Fukushima-style Nuclear Accident Happen in Taiwan?
The government's target date for phasing out nuclear by 2025 could not come soon enough.
2016/07/20 | Hsu Chia-yu
Taiwan’s Aging Nuclear Plant Worries Experts
An investigation at a 38-year-old nuclear power plant in southern Taiwan has left experts worried about the plant’s safety.
2016/06/27 | Shuhei Omi
Taipower Warns of Energy Crisis As Taiwan Melts
Taiwan’s state-run power company says it is experiencing an energy crisis due to extremely high temperatures. But some say it’s a sham.
2016/06/20 | Edward White
Are Offshore Wind Farms the Answer to Taiwan’s Energy Woes?
Offshore wind has the potential to drive Taiwan’s shift from nuclear and fossil fuels. However, it is unlikely to be a panacea for a carbon-intensive, resource-poor energy system.
2016/06/16 | J. Michael Cole
Monkey Intrusion Causes Outage at Air Force Base in Taiwan
Despite the security breach, military officials maintain that national security was never compromised.
2015/10/22 | Kenzo
Dispute over Radioactive Waste on Orchid Island Will Not Be Solved Before 2021
Plans were once made to ship the low-level radioactive waste stored on Orchid Island to North Korea, but later changed the plan to seeking other locations within the country. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has ratified two possible locations in 2012, but because of the disapproval of local governments, the referendum has yet to be held.
2015/10/22 | 阿Ken
Taiwan Plans to Build Solar Power Station in Saudi Arabia
Taipower Chairman Huang Jung-chiou says that the cooperation between Taipower and Saudi Arabia will be a benchmark for the Ministry of Economic Affairs to strengthen the structure of exports in Taiwan, as well as to raise the gross profit margin.
2015/09/22 | TNL 編輯
Tsai Ing-wen's Energy Policy for Taiwan
Tsai says that she hopes the KMT can face the facts and do not ignore the real calculation of the cost of nuclear power just to advocate the energy source. The KMT should note how much risk nuclear disaster might bring to the Taiwanese society because these are all unbearable for Taipower itself.