臺南市,通稱臺南(俗字寫作台南;排灣語:Tailam;臺灣話:Tâi-lâm;客家話:Thòi-nàm),簡稱「南」,是中華民國的直轄市,臺灣六都之一,位於臺灣西南部,其西面臨臺灣海峽、東面臨阿里山山脈、北面與嘉義縣鄰接 、南面與高雄市鄰接。 --來自 維基百科

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2016/02/15 | TNL 編輯

Southern Taiwan Earthquake Update: 116 Dead And Government Establishing Further Disaster Prevention Methods

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck southern Taiwan has lead to a total of 116 deaths. The Taiwanese government is planning a “Old Building Health Check” program and announcing the potential areas for soil liquefaction within a month for future disaster prevention.

2016/02/08 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Earthquake Collapses Residential Buildings and Damages Historic Relics

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit southern Taiwan on February 6 has seen 37 casualties so far, but residential buildings weren't the only architectures damaged.

2016/02/06 | Olivia Yang

Earthquake Strikes Southern Taiwan Leaving Dozens Trapped

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck southern Taiwan early morning February 6, demolishing buildings in Tainan City and trapping dozens in the rubble.