臺南市,通稱臺南(俗字寫作台南;排灣語:Tailam;臺灣話:Tâi-lâm;客家話:Thòi-nàm),簡稱「南」,是中華民國的直轄市,臺灣六都之一,位於臺灣西南部,其西面臨臺灣海峽、東面臨阿里山山脈、北面與嘉義縣鄰接 、南面與高雄市鄰接。 --來自 維基百科

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2015/11/27 | Yang

Five Cities in Taiwan Fight for Taiwan's Identity in International Organization

The mayor of Kaohsiung, along with Taichung, Tainan and Taipei, signed the letter of protest to the secretary general of ICLEI. As mentioned in the letter, Kaohsiung and the other four cities work hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have made good achievements. There is no reason for the cities to accept the mistake made by ICLEI, which may disrupt the friendship between both sides.