台灣積體電路製造(英語:Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.),簡稱台積電、台積、台積公司或TSMC,與旗下公司合稱時則稱作台積電集團,是臺灣一家從事晶圓代工的公司,為全球規模最大的半導體製造廠,可量產的邏輯IC為全球最先進的製程,總部位於新竹科學園區,主要廠房則分布於臺灣的新竹、臺中、臺南、高雄等科學園區。 --來自 維基百科


2017/04/19 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

Here's How to Get the Taiwan Economy Back on Course

As Taiwan faces unprecedented economic challenges, it needs to take stock of its strengths and unique characteristics as it seeks the best path forward.

2017/02/08 | Peter Wood

Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, US Semiconductor Industry Edge

Taiwan’s position as a keystone of the global supply of semiconductors is strong, but rapidly eroding.

2015/08/25 | Yuan

TSMC Wins Case Against Former Employee Who Disclosed Classified Information to Samsung

After his non-compete clause ended in February of 2011, Liang Meng-song collected the obligated NT$ 46,000,000 (approximately US$ 1.4 million) worth of stock dividends and was employed at Samsung in July the same year. But TSMC suspected Liang of leaking classified information to Samsung and appealed to forbid him to work for Samsung until the end of this year.