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2018/11/06 | Asia Dialogue
Taiwan's East Coast 'Tilting Trains' Have Always Faced Operational Challenges
The TRA retains an excellent safety record, but the recent Yilan derailment should motivate it to reevaluate some longstanding issues along its east coast rail network.
Are Trains the Future of Transport in Taiwan?
While the government remains enthusiastic about railways, others suggest large-scale spending on new infrastructure is misguided.
2016/07/07 | J. Michael Cole
BREAKING: Explosion at Taiwan Train Station, 24 Injured
Authorities are trying to determine the cause of the explosion.
2015/10/05 | Zou Chi
Taiwan Railways will Ban Selfie Sticks by the end of 2015
Given the length of selfie sticks, they might accidentally hook cables and cause electric shock, so the JR West Japan Railway Company and Shinkansen have banned the use of the sticks since September. TRA will also refer to JR-West and restrict the selfie sticks from going over the white line on the platform when in use.