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OPINION: China Could Hold Key to TPP Revival
In the absence of US participation, inviting China to take part in a revived TPP could reshape the global economy.
2017/11/29 | Michael Reilly
Reforming Taiwan's Economy Is Key to Boosting EU Trade
The prospect of an investment agreement with the EU to galvanize Taiwan to put its own economic house in order.
2016/12/15 | The Japan Times
Japan’s Ratification of the TPP
Japan needs a Plan B for the likely-doomed TPP to boost its economy.
2016/10/14 | Michael G. Roskin
Duterte, Xi and the Hole in the U.S. Pivot to Asia
Without the Philippines and the TPP, Washington will need a backup plan for the Pacific.
2016/09/20 | Don Shapiro
Taiwan Making Progress towards TPP Readiness
Finally, something Taiwan's DPP and KMT seem to agree on: joining the TPP.
2016/09/05 | Don Shapiro
'Washington Doorknock' Focuses on TPP
Taiwan is urged to take early action in resolving outstanding trade issues.
2016/02/04 | TNL 編輯
TPP Signed Amid Mass Protests in New Zealand
The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been officially signed in New Zealand today, while groups of protesters gathered outside the signing venue to voice their opposition. The agreement has been contentious for several years in New Zealand, mainly because of the secrecy of the deal, lack of public consultation and fears that New Zealand's sovereignty could be diminished.
2016/01/21 | Yang
President Ma Ying-jeou Says Taiwan Must Join Economic Partnerships
Ma says it’s important for Taiwan to take similar actions to sign trade agreements, which is becoming a world economy trend, especially during these times when the function of WTO is weakening and many countries are signing bilateral trade agreements.
2015/11/05 | Shih Yuan
Taiwan Will Complete Preparation for TPP by November 2016
Director-General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade Jenni Yang says after the full text of the TPP was released, the government will compare the text with existing regulations in Taiwan. They will explain the gaps the government should deal with, assess TPP’s impact and provide each ministry with advice for amending laws.
ASEAN News: Indonesian President to Relax Restrictions on Foreign Investments
In an interview before he visited the US, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said he would assess the limits on foreign investments in Indonesia's strict regulations. He says these relevant laws are why Widodo hasn’t been able to fulfill his promise of a couple billion US dollars of foreign investment.
2015/10/06 | Yuan
12 Nations Reach Consensus in TPP Negotiation, But What About Taiwan?
So far Taiwan has signed economic cooperation agreements with Singapore and New Zealand, and the government is now reviewing if our current regulations meet international standards. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to explain to the TPP members Taiwan's determination in trade liberalization and request to join the second round of negotiation in TPP.
2015/09/16 | Yang
The US Has Three Noes for Taiwan's 2016 Presidential Election
Former White House National Security Council (NSC) Senior Director for Asian Affairs Michael J. Green says that Washington D.C. and Taiwan should each have "three Noes." Taiwan's three noes are no surprises, no change of the status quo, and no free rides for the new government.