台灣高鐵,全名台灣高速鐵路,通稱高鐵,是臺灣的高速鐵路系統,全線縱貫臺灣人口密集的西部地區,路線全長349.5公里,最高營運時速300公里,連結臺灣南北成為一日生活圈,往返臺北高雄間最快只需105分鐘,並連結桃園、台中、台南等都會區。 --來自 維基百科


2018/11/06 | Asia Dialogue

Taiwan's East Coast 'Tilting Trains' Have Always Faced Operational Challenges

The TRA retains an excellent safety record, but the recent Yilan derailment should motivate it to reevaluate some longstanding issues along its east coast rail network.

2015/10/05 | Zou Chi

Taiwan Railways will Ban Selfie Sticks by the end of 2015

Given the length of selfie sticks, they might accidentally hook cables and cause electric shock, so the JR West Japan Railway Company and Shinkansen have banned the use of the sticks since September. TRA will also refer to JR-West and restrict the selfie sticks from going over the white line on the platform when in use.