瑞士聯邦(德語:Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft;法語:Confédération suisse;義大利語:Confederazione Svizzera;羅曼什語:Confederaziun svizra;英語:Swiss Confederation;正式稱呼採用拉丁語:Confœderatio Helvetica,因此瑞士的ISO 3166雙拉丁字母國家代號是「CH」)通稱瑞士(德語:Schweiz;法語:Suisse;義大利語:Svizzera;羅曼什語:Svizra;英語:Switzerland),為中歐或者西歐國家之一,劃分為26個州。 --來自 維基百科


2023/02/21 | Swissinfo.ch

When Switzerland Was the Location of Choice for Chinese Espionage

In the 1960s, Switzerland stood at the center of a global Chinese espionage network. Many Taiwanese diplomats could be blackmailed into collaboration because they had relatives living in China.

2020/08/18 | Roy Ngerng

Singaporeans Are Paid Much Lower Than You Think

Workers in Singapore are paid much lower than workers in other high GDP per capita countries like Switzerland and Norway.

2017/03/16 | Michele Fenzl

Book Review: Singapore and Switzerland: Secrets to Small States Success edited by Yvonne Guo and Jun Jie Woo

What makes a small state succeed? In Singapore and Switzerland: Secrets to Small State Success, editors Yvonne Guo and Jun Jie Woo explore this question through two cases that have shown similar economic performance by balancing international forces and domestic demands.