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2016/12/29 | Yuan-ling Liang

Startup Tapping a Beauty Product Goldmine from Taipei

Ten questions with the founder of a startup tapping into the world of Asian beauty product reviews.

2016/12/19 | Wang Lianzhang

Companies, Investors Pouring into China’s Bike-Sharing Market

Forever, one of Shanghai’s oldest bicycle brands, is among the many companies to have entered the fray.

2016/11/21 | Jason Hsu

Taiwan: ‘Decide to Disrupt or be Disrupted'

Kicking out companies like Uber, UberEats, Gogovan and LaLaMove is not a solution, argues opposition lawmaker Jason Hsu.

2016/11/18 | TNL Staff

Advice for Taiwan Startups: Get out of the House and See the World

Ten questions with Taiwan Startup Stadium ‘captain’, Anita Huang.

2016/10/27 | Yuan-ling Liang

Meet the Start-up that Wants to Tidy Your Room

Ten questions with the founders of Tidy Man, a Taipei-based startup fighting against waste, clutter and, sometimes, heartbreak.

2016/10/07 | Yuan-ling Liang

Taiwan Tech Startup Tackles Classroom Bullying, Student Isolation

'Both of us used to be bullied and later became bullies...We want to change this situation.'

2016/09/19 | Mo Tz-pin

Ten Questions: Embrace Audio Lab

A thumb-sized audio booster might be all you need to enjoy the audio quality of a home theater system.

2016/09/12 | Mo Tz-pin

Startup Conference Helps Fight Fear of Failure

‘What is stopping people from launching startups is not failure, but the fear of failing.’

2016/08/25 | Mo Tz-pin

Ten Questions: Yourator

A new Taiwanese company wants to help the local start-up scene and encourages young people to take the road less traveled.

2016/08/18 | Mo Tz-pin

Ten Questions: AirSig

Tired of typing and trying to remember password after password?

2016/08/18 | ZiQing Low

Taiwanese Student Takes On Global Problem with Paper Straw Design

A video of a plastic straw being extracted from the nose of a sea turtle pushed Cheng Wang-tung to design an award-winning foldable paper straw.

2016/08/12 | ZiQing Low

Chinese Startup Hubs Attract Taiwanese Youth

The Chinese government is using large incentives to recruit Taiwanese students in China and encouraging them to launch startups.

2016/08/10 | Beyonder Times

Slush CSO on Taiwan’s Startups: Youth Must Take the Lead

'Taiwan’s young people, don’t be afraid, go ahead and give it a try; Taiwan’s seniors, let go, trust what youths can do!'

2016/08/08 | Matthew Fulco

Taiwan’s Gogoro: Taking a Different Tack

Among Taiwanese scooter brands, the relative newcomer Gogoro is an anomaly.

2016/08/05 | ZiQing Low

Facebook Brings Female Entrepreneur Campaign To Taiwan

Facebook has brought its 'She Means Business' campaign to Taiwan, but a lot more needs to be done to level the playing field.

2016/08/02 | Olivia Yang

Behind the Award-Winning Tableware Set for People With Dementia

'I didn’t know what my next step would be. I would sleep for a couple of hours and then jump out of bed to keep developing my plan.'

2016/07/21 | Beyonder Times

Emmy Award Winner's Start Up in Taiwan: More Than Complicated

An Emmy Award-winning entrepreneur says the tech industry in Taiwan is cutting-edge and encourages international entrepreneurs to find talent on the island-nation.