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2017/08/09 | Kuan Chen
Q&A: Eatgether, The App Connecting Strangers Through Food
While technology has distanced us from each other, Eatgether wants to create the possibility for more face-to-face interactions.
2016/10/27 | Yuan-ling Liang
Meet the Start-up that Wants to Tidy Your Room
Ten questions with the founders of Tidy Man, a Taipei-based startup fighting against waste, clutter and, sometimes, heartbreak.
2016/08/25 | Mo Tz-pin
Ten Questions: Yourator
A new Taiwanese company wants to help the local start-up scene and encourages young people to take the road less traveled.
2016/08/11 | Mo Tz-pin
Ten Questions: Smartcasual
The News Lens International’s 'Ten Questions' series takes a closer look at the budding start-up scene in Taiwan and further afield.
2016/07/15 | Yuan-ling Liang
Start-ups, Daily Flights and New Pact Strengthen Taiwan-France Relations
Relations between Taiwan and France are strengthening with a working holiday pact, start-up collaboration and an uptick in direct fights between Paris and Taipei.
2015/08/14 | TNL香港編輯
50,000 People Sign Petition for Uber in Hong Kong
The people of Hong Kong are now discussing other possible transportation other than the Hong Kong railway, including taxis. The government is researching whether or not to introduce high-quality taxi services.