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2018/02/01 | David Brewster
China Is Planning a New Network of Indian Ocean Bases
China is attempting to expand its naval reach across another ocean.
2017/08/23 | David Brewster
Alarm Bells Ringing over Thailand's Chinese-Funded Canal Plans
Some security analysts worry that the canal would solve China’s famous "Malacca Dilemma" by allowing its oil tankers to avoid the narrow, crowded and vulnerable Malacca Strait and even give the Chinese navy a new route into the Indian Ocean.
2017/05/25 | Dániel Balázs
China Hits Speed Wobbles Driving the Silk Road through Sri Lanka
'Beijing has already burnt itself in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, where the public is becoming hostile to Chinese projects. Like a chain, the Belt and Road is as strong as its weakest link and public perceptions toward China can become an existential issue for Beijing’s ambitious initiative.'
2017/05/09 | The Third Pole
Sandmining is Destroying Asia’s Rivers
Uncontrolled and mostly illegal extraction of sand and rocks from riverbeds for construction is killing rivers across South Asia and China, and must be tightly controlled.
Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the China Debt Trap
Cambodia must be aware that China’s influence in the country will grow as the loans increase.
2017/01/13 | David Prentice
Is China Colonizing Sri Lanka?
Sri Lankan protests over a new Chinese-led port development have turned ugly.