2017/07/06 | Agence France-Presse

Cross-Strait Spy Games: Taiwan Charges Chinese Student with Spying

National Security Bureau director-general Peng Sheng-chu said in parliament in March that Chinese espionage is 'more serious than before.'

2017/03/21 | ZiQing Low

Fears for Safety of Taiwanese NGO Worker Missing in China

Radio Free Asia has reported a Taiwanese NGO worker is missing in China.

2016/09/23 | ZiQing Low

Two Taiwanese Double Agents Sentenced to Jail

The Taiwan High Court has charged two former military men for leaking intelligence to Beijing.

2016/07/13 | Bing-sheng Lee

Taiwanese Veterans Recruited as Chinese Spies

A Taiwanese army veteran has been giving confidential military information to Beijing’s spies while on business trips to China. Although the security breach is not major, authorities say the Chinese appear to be using new espionage tactics.

2015/10/05 | 關鍵評論網 ASEAN:Indochina

Vietnamese Journalist Sentenced for Passing State Secrets to China

This is another spy case related to China following the Chinese spy pigeon incident in January this year. The Vietnamese police claimed that some of the Chinese race pigeons flying to Vietnam were probing state secrets of Vietnam.