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2017/02/06 | Rosemary Chen
Taiwan Hits Record Tourist Numbers Despite Plunge in Chinese
A record 10.7 million people visited Taiwan in 2016 with a boost in tourists from Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia offsetting a sharp decline in Chinese.
2017/01/31 | Timothy S. Rich
Has Park Geun-Hye's Downfall Changed the Game for Women in Korea?
What does Park Geun-Hye’s impeachment mean for female politicians in Korea?
How Russia Can Curb North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions
History matters: Russia shares a land border with North Korea and has a wealth of experience in dealing with the Kim dynasty, whose installation it directly supported some 70 years ago.
2017/01/05 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Media at War over South Korea Comparison
'If this is the level of a newspaper’s editorial team, then it’s enough to make one embarrassed about the quality of Taiwanese media. What right do we have to flatter ourselves to be influential and have ‘international perspectives?' writes South Korea-based Taiwanese journalist Yang Chien-hao.
2017/01/02 | Jeffrey Robertson
An End to South Korea’s Middle Power Moment?
The next South Korean administration will face a choice on whether to continue promoting South Korea as a middle power.
Has Big Business Hijacked South Korea?
South Korea must restore the balance between government and big business.
2016/12/01 | The Japan Times
Another Twist in the Park Scandal
Even if Park Geun-hye does step down, the vacuum at the apex of South Korean politics will persist; yet if she remains in office, Park will be too wounded to govern.
2016/11/27 | John Delury
The Crisis in Seoul and Risks to the Region
South Korea is engulfed in a month-long national crisis that has brought politics to a standstill, and the timing could not be worse for the Korean Peninsula and the region, writes John Delury.
2016/11/10 | Brian Hioe
Demonstrations in South Korea Calling on Park to Step Down
It is to be questioned whether Park’s Saenuri Party will be able to survive the scandal, and South Korea’s political future, not only internally but regionally, remains unknown.
2016/11/03 | The Japan Times
Scandal Rocks Seoul
'The scandal means that all of Park’s initiatives are more susceptible to criticism, and the temptation for outside powers, such as North Korea and China, to meddle in the campaign is increasing.'
2016/10/19 | Andrei Lankov
Learning to Live with a Nuclear North Korea
Like it or not, it is time to learn to live with a nuclear North Korea.
OPINION: Beijing Talks Tough About 'New Cold War' in Asia
Emblematic of Beijing’s pugilistic mentality is a series of war games staged with Russia. Perhaps not by coincidence, 22,000 American military personnel held exercises in waters around Guam.
2016/09/19 | Mo Tz-pin
Murder in Chapel Prompts South Korea to Rethink Chinese Tourism
Chinese tourism has been a boon for the South Korean economy, but a rise in violent crime has some worried.