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2017/07/15 | Jeffrey Robertson
Can Trump and Moon Deliver a Unified Approach to North Korea?
The incompatibility of Moon and Trump was recognized from an early stage.
2017/08/04 | Leif-Eric Easley
Can South Korea's 'Dream Team' Make Ground on North Korean Crisis?
Inter-Korean rapprochement is a worthy pursuit, but the Moon administration is right not to sacrifice UN resolutions and US alliance coordination in the process.
2017/08/16 | Marcella Ho
MAMA and Hong Kong's Role in Spreading South Korea's Popular Culture
To the surprise of many, Hong Kong also has an unique and critical role in spreading South Korean popular culture.
Get Ready for Unification: South Korea's Looming 'Berlin Wall' Moment
'The consequences of Korean unification, while important in economic terms, can also have far-reaching consequences for the political and strategic relationships among Asian nations as well as the international order.'
2017/09/05 | Marcella Ho
If South Korea's Pop Culture Can Make It, What About Hong Kong?
If Hong Kong’s popular culture was once a sharp sword, does its society have any interest in sharpening the rusty weapon?
2017/09/27 | Marcella Ho
Could Hong Kong’s Popular Culture Connect with the Global Market?
Whether Hong Kong has the same conditions, energy and vision to become the entertainment capital of Asia is debatable. Yet, it is worth noting that the popular cultures that are internationally successful all have very strong regional characteristics.
2017/10/08 | Hitoshi Tanaka
Avoiding War with North Korea
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to rise. Kim Jong-un has ramped North Korea’s missile and nuclear testing programs and US President Donald Trump has exacerbated the tensions with his tough talk.
2017/12/20 |
Talk of a Northeast Asia Nuclear Arms Race Is Overdone and Unhelpful
Pyongyang is clearly in a hurry to develop its inter-continental ballistic missile capability, but responses in the region are measured and suggest an underlying culture of restraint.
2017/12/29 | Hwa Ryung Lee
President Moon's Wage Increases Pose Fiscal Risk to South Korea
The Moon administration's income-led growth strategy is not without fiscal risk.
South Korea's Slow Shift toward LGBT Tolerance
South Korean laws and attitudes towards LGBT rights are particularly conservative, but polls suggest attitudes are shifting.
2018/05/07 | The Interpreter
Trains, Planes and Nuclear Disarmament: Who Will Host the Trump-Kim Summit?
The host city for the summit will need to meet strict security and logistical requirements, and the choice will be highly symbolic.
2018/05/09 | Policy Forum
East Asia's Biggest Problem: Aging
All three countries at this week's Trilateral Summit are facing a demographic crunch, but China may have it the worst.