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2017/03/08 | Daniel Wei Boon Chua

Troubled Waters: China Seeks Return to Vassal States in the South China Sea

A look at how China's past affects its current stance on maritime disputes in the South China Sea.

2017/03/07 | Peter Wood

Food Security and Chinese 'Comprehensive National Security'

The role of Chinese food security policy in its broader national security concept deserves greater attention.

2017/02/21 | Jeffrey Ordaniel

South China Sea a Chinese Lake?

'Since respect for international law in East Asia’s maritime commons is a vital U.S. national interest, Washington should take the lead and engage East Asia. Unilateralism can only do so much.'

2017/02/17 | Sourabh Gupta

Alternative Facts and the Threat in the South China Sea

China and the claimant states have made valuable progress in bilateral ties since the 2016 ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Laos. The Trump administration should support — not disturb — this progress, argues Sourabh Gupta.

2017/02/01 | Peter Layton

Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy Troubles US–China Relations

Dealing with the Trump presidency might be best seen as an exercise in operating in a state of permanent crisis management.

2017/01/17 | Peter Layton

Let's Face It, China's Military Now Dominates ASEAN

With its new air bases and leading-edge air power, China now has the strategic initiative in South East Asia, writes Peter Layton.

2017/01/16 | Johan van de Ven

Why China Is Wooing Southeast Asia’s New Strongman

Improved government relations with fiery Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are key to securing dominance in the South China Sea.

2017/01/14 | Sam Roggeveen

South China Sea: Tillerson Throws a Rhetorical Bomb

Even if Tillerson and the Trump team walk back these comments in coming days, they will no doubt be remembered in Beijing.

2017/01/12 | TNL Staff

Tillerson Reaffirms Support for Taiwan, Likens South China Sea to Crimea

‘I think it is important that Taiwan knows we are going to live up to the commitments under the Relations Act and Six Issues Accord,’ Tillerson said.

2017/01/04 | Sam Bateman

South China Sea Dramas Distract from Greater Dangers in Asia

China and the United States have a responsibility to temper their actions and rhetoric in the South China Sea and keep their eyes on the bigger global and regional pictures.

2016/12/21 | The Japan Times

China Tests the United States

China has frequently tested U.S. leaders as soon as they take office and Trump’s statements have raised the stakes for Beijing.

2016/12/21 | Derek Ye Xiao Di

China’s Charm Offensive Creates a Headache for Trump

Amid a thinning number of Southeast Asian allies, and a reenergized charm offensive from China, the question now is how U.S. President-elect Trump will approach the region.

2016/12/19 | Mo Tz-pin

South China Watch No.11

An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.

2016/12/12 | Mo Tz-pin

South China Sea Watch No. 10

An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.