South China Sea

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ANALYSIS: Taiwan and the Nine-Dash Line
The ROC was the first to draw the maritime claim, but has since stayed strategically silent on the issue.
Warships Are Gathering in the South China Sea
Vietnam is hosting an increasing number of ships from 'the Quad,' a sign of greater cooperation in the face of Chinese pressure.
2018/02/07 | Ngo Di Lan
OPINION: Are American Freedom of Navigation Operations Necessary?
The U.S. is determined to resist Chinese expansion in the South China Sea, but it may not have the political will to make regular patrols.
2018/01/04 | Brian Hioe
Why is China Planning Floating Nuclear Reactors?
China may be hoping to use the vessels as a dangerous nuclear deterrent.
PHOTO STORY: A Busy Year on the South China Sea
China continues its island-building campaign on the South China Sea under the watchful eye of satellites.
2017/12/05 | Adam P MacDonald
OPINION: Canada Must Develop a Coherent East Asia Maritime Strategy
Deployments of Royal Canadian Navy ships to East Asia suggest a willingness to influence the region, but Canada must define a clear policy objective amid tension between the U.S. and China.
2017/12/02 | Gavin Briggs
Geography Still Matters amid South China Sea Shifts
Even as the world goes digital, the realm of geopolitics is still grounded in control of islands and the range of ships.
Shifting Alliances Leave Vietnam Lonesome in South China Sea
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte's pivot to China and standoffishness towards Hanoi has left Vietnam isolated in the South China Sea.
2017/10/19 | Lou Chunhao
China-India Maritime Security: Competition or Cooperation?
An increase in maritime tensions between China and India have become increasingly more apparent over the past few years.
2017/09/11 | Huang Jing
What is China's End Game in East Asian Order?
Given the rapid, ongoing changes in strategic balance throughout the region, it remains to be seen whether China’s strategic diplomacy in Southeast Asia can really deliver what Beijing desires.
2017/08/29 | WEI-CHIN LEE
Can We Crack a Code of Conduct for the South China Sea
Coming to an agreement on a legally-binding Code of Conduct for the South China Sea will be a challenging task.
2017/08/11 | Jared Ward
Stepping into the US Backyard: China’s Caribbean Policy
Beyond market access, China’s increased presence in Caribbean affairs can be understood as a subtle jab at American Western Hemisphere dominance at a time when Washington is pushing Beijing in the South China Sea.