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2017/06/22 | Mark Valencia
The Dangerous Rise in US-China 'At Sea Incidents'
When and if China’s ISR capabilities reach technologic and geographic parity with those of the U.S., the two may see fit to negotiate such guidelines. In the meantime, such incidents will probably become more frequent and dangerous.
2017/06/20 | Nan Li
China's Southern Theater Command: The PLA's Evolving Maritime Strategy
Appointing a naval officer to command a theater in unprecedented in PLA history, further confirming the shift of China’s military posture from continental defense to maritime security
Shangri-La: Australia Warns Against 'Coercive' China; Mattis Tries to Reassure Allies
Among the speeches in Singapore Pentagon chief Jim Mattis moved to reassure Asian allies Saturday that the United States can work with China on reining in North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
2017/05/18 | Michal Thim
ANALYSIS: Tsai’s Defense and Security Challenges Line Up in Year Two
Boosting the national defense budget, avoiding a spending blowout on submarines, watching out for aggression in the South China Sea and keeping up Taiwan’s defense from cyber attacks; chances are Taiwan’s president will be kept busy keeping the country safe in the second year of her presidency.
2017/05/16 | ZiQing Low
China Issues Banned and Required Terminology for Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea
'Under no condition should “President (or Vice President) of the Republic of China” be used to refer to the leaders of Taiwan, even if it is put in quotation marks.'
Creating Facts on the Sea: China's Plan to Establish a New City in the South China Sea
China’s behavior in the Paracels is important to analyze because of its role as a blueprint for developments in the Spratlys.
2017/03/11 | Derek Grossman
Why China is Tolerating Vietnam’s South China Sea Activities
Beijing has chosen to tolerate recent Vietnamese construction activities in the South China Sea. But as tensions predictably rise in the South China Sea during the spring, China has a range of options to express its displeasure with Hanoi.
Troubled Waters: China Seeks Return to Vassal States in the South China Sea
A look at how China's past affects its current stance on maritime disputes in the South China Sea.
2017/03/07 | Peter Wood
Food Security and Chinese 'Comprehensive National Security'
The role of Chinese food security policy in its broader national security concept deserves greater attention.
2017/02/21 | Jeffrey Ordaniel
South China Sea a Chinese Lake?
'Since respect for international law in East Asia’s maritime commons is a vital U.S. national interest, Washington should take the lead and engage East Asia. Unilateralism can only do so much.'
2017/02/17 | Sourabh Gupta
Alternative Facts and the Threat in the South China Sea
China and the claimant states have made valuable progress in bilateral ties since the 2016 ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Laos. The Trump administration should support — not disturb — this progress, argues Sourabh Gupta.
2017/02/01 | Peter Layton
Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy Troubles US–China Relations
Dealing with the Trump presidency might be best seen as an exercise in operating in a state of permanent crisis management.
2017/01/17 | Peter Layton
Let's Face It, China's Military Now Dominates ASEAN
With its new air bases and leading-edge air power, China now has the strategic initiative in South East Asia, writes Peter Layton.