South Asia

南亞(英語:South Asia)是術語,以替換百年老詞「印度次大陸」,這老詞用來代表亞洲大陸的南部地區,主要是位於印度板塊和向南投射到印度洋的地方。 --來自 維基百科


2023/03/02 | Global Voices

Bangladesh Reassesses Its Belt and Road Initiative Strategy With China as the US Offers a New Alternative

The economic troubles faced by Pakistan and Sri Lanka have prompted Bangladesh to reassess its involvement in BRI-related infrastructure projects.

2021/01/12 | East Asia Forum

How Will Biden’s Strategy on South Asia Differ From Trump’s?

U.S. president-elect Joe Biden might shake up Washington's current foreign policy, but not its South Asia policy.

2020/07/02 | The Conversation

Persistent Extreme Heat and Air Pollution Threaten Global Health

The frequency of days with both extreme heat and pollution – and the number of people that will be affected by those days – could massively increase by 2050.

2017/05/09 | The Third Pole

Sandmining is Destroying Asia’s Rivers

Uncontrolled and mostly illegal extraction of sand and rocks from riverbeds for construction is killing rivers across South Asia and China, and must be tightly controlled.

2017/04/18 | Eleanor Cummins

The Spies Who Mapped Great Swathes of South Asia by Foot

Using secret tools, and under cover of night, Indian 'pundits' charted land for the British.