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2020/09/23 | East Asia Forum
Covid-19 Exposes Gaps in South Korea’s Social Security System
Covid-19 has exposed a weak point in the South Korean social security system. One option on the table is a universal basic income.
2017/09/06 | Justin Hugo
It's Time to Return Taiwanese Workers What They Rightfully Earn
Business groups simply do not want to show any respect when it comes to raising their workers’ wages, and it's time to start protecting workers in Taiwan.
2017/05/22 | Bingqin Li
China's Social System Reform is Going Nowhere
China’s hukou (household registration) system is often criticized for hindering the free movement of labor and creating inequality. In recent years the hukou system has undergone considerable reform. But is this enough to turn around the trends in China’s regional inequality?
2017/05/02 | Justin Hugo
Pension Reform in Asia is Extremely Difficult to Get Right
[OPINION] As pension reform protesters cause major headaches for the government in Taiwan, what lessons can be drawn from Hong Kong and Singapore?