深圳市,簡稱深,別稱鵬城,是中華人民共和國廣東省省轄市、副省級市、計劃單列市、經濟特區及國家綜合配套改革試驗區,1979年1月在原寶安縣的基礎上設立,現為中國一線城市之一,中國特色社會主義先行示範區、全國經濟中心城市。 --來自 維基百科


2020/09/10 | Will Peyton

What Is China’s Polar Strategy?

The central question surrounding the Xuelong 2 seems to be whether it is an innocuous display of China’s soft power or signals geopolitical storms to come.

2019/11/08 | Deutsche Welle

Sieren's China: Learning From the Mistakes in Hong Kong

Beijing, wanting to learn from the mistakes made in Hong Kong, intends to develop more affordable public housing in Shenzhen. But this will not be a fix-all solution in the long term.

2018/10/18 | Stuart Heaver

HONG KONG: Why China's Greater Bay Masterplan May Not Be So Great

The plan to unite nine Chinese cities with Hong Kong and Macau reads well on paper but innovation is about more than just pie in the sky political programs.

2018/06/25 | China Labour Bulletin

China's Tech Workers Endure Slave-like Conditions in Shenzhen

Shenzhen’s tech workers face burnout striving for their entrepreneurial dream, highlighting the need for effective unionization.

2015/12/21 | Yuan

Landslide in Shenzhen, China Leaves 59 Missing

Shenzhen is located in southern China, where hills and mountains account for more than 70% of the area, in which typhoons and heavy rains happen frequently. But the government has developed the mountains at large scale since the special economic zone was established. This has destroyed the landscape and caused several geological disasters.