2018/10/04 | Chang Yu-shan

OPINION: Malaysia Must Quantify & Eliminate Its Child Marriage Problem

To end child marriage in Malaysia, the government must insist on compiling accurate statistics, then share the responsibility of eliminating the problem.

2017/06/15 | Helen Ting

UMNO’s Hand in Malaysian Islamic Law

PAS leaders are now even envisioning forming a supermajority Muslim bloc to 'strengthen political Islam' in the upcoming general election, which is to be called before August 2018.

2017/06/02 | Kathryn Robinson

Can Female Religious Authorities be a Voice for Indonesia’s Future?

While gender equity is a struggle in all the countries represented, in many places they face struggles already won by women in Indonesia.

2017/03/09 | Rashaad Ali

Gauging Support for Islamic Law in Malaysia

A controversial bill to amend the Criminal Jurisdiction Act could extend the reach of Islamic law and further polarize Malaysian society.

2017/02/09 | TNL Staff

Hundreds Lashed in Indonesia under Sharia Law

Sharia laws are particularly harsh for women and the LGBT community.

2015/12/23 | Sid Weng

Celebrating Christmas in Brunei May Lead to Five Years in Jail

Brunei introduced its ban on Christmas last year over fear that celebrating it excessively and openly could lead its Muslim population astray. Local Islamic religious leaders have promoted the ban, warning that celebrating Christmas is tantamount to imitation of another faith and is prohibited in some interpretations of Islam.