性 (生物學),有性生殖生物繁殖的機制以及方式相關內容
性別,生物學上是指中有許多物種可以按生殖系統劃分成兩個或兩個以上的種類,如男性或女性,亦包括生理和社會性別。 --來自 維基百科


2017/10/07 | Cai Yifeng

Commercial Sex Among Chinese Men

Contemporary China has witnessed a sexual revolution that is more open to different sexuality and has a profound impact on gay sex.

2017/10/02 | Yuanting Zhang

A Pop-up Study on Sex Education in China

The majority of respondents for a survey agreed that sex education in China should have Chinese characteristics — not completely western models, such as Comprehensive Sex Education, instead selectively borrowing some western models without mentioning some controversies.

2017/07/10 | Saigoneer

Taboo and Tradition Hinder Contraception Awareness in Vietnam

With many urban Vietnamese waiting longer to get married, the country’s younger generations are recognizing the need to open up about sex education in the conservative country.

2017/05/24 | Qian Jinghua

What Sex Workers Can Tell Us About China’s Transformation

Scholar Ding Yu explains how sex work reflects changing times, from ‘xiaojie’ to ‘compensated dating.’

2017/04/10 | Elaine Jeffreys, Haiqing Yu

How Politics Influenced, and Continues to Influence Sexual Expression in China

'Contemporary research on sex in China should consider how different governing strategies and socio-economic arrangements produce particular types of sexual cultures, rather than simply reinforcing the East–West divide.'

2017/02/27 | Raina Paul

Male Reluctance sees India’s Contraceptive Use Fall, Abortions Surge

As many as 2,500 abortions were carried out in India every day in 2016, doubling from eight years ago.

2017/01/16 | Edward White

Escort ‘Scarlet Bunnie’ Sheds Light on Singapore’s Sex Trade

'They are more concerned with making Singapore look clean; clean, as in there are no sex workers on the street, online, anywhere in sight.'

2016/12/09 | Sofia Ropek Hewson

BOOK REVIEW: 'Sex, Needs and Queer Culture: From Liberation to the Post-Gay'

If corporate backing for Pride events is one example of queer subcultures becoming increasingly commercialized, does this threaten the capacity to resist or might capitalism be progressive for queer subjects? In 'Sex, Needs and Queer Culture: From Liberation to the Post-Gay' David Alderson draws upon the work of Herbert Marcuse and Raymond Williams to examine processes of assimilation and resistance as well as the distinctions between countercultural and subcultural movements. Although she questions the particular focus on gay male culture, Sofia Ropek Hewson welcomes this rich and absorbing text for probing into the present relationship between capitalism, queer culture and political resistance.

2016/12/08 | Yi Heng

How Blocking Porn Affects Chinese Attitudes to Sex

For many couples, exposure to explicit content is distorting sexual expectations.

2016/07/29 | ChinaFile 中參館

Sex Workers and Condoms in China

The danger of detention for carrying condoms discourages sex workers from using them.

2016/07/07 | Jonathan Landreth

Using Free Sex to Expose Sexual Abuse in China

A Q&A with Nanfu Wang, director of the documentary ‘Hooligan Sparrow’.

2016/06/30 | Jue Ren

Sex Scandal Highlights Changing Attitudes to Hook-Up Culture in China

Even for China’s young generation, sexual capital, power relations among sexual partners and the difficulty of choosing spouses continue to influence the dating culture and intimate relationships.