塞爾維亞共和國(塞爾維亞語:Република Србија/Republika Srbija),通稱塞爾維亞(塞爾維亞語:Србија/Srbija),是一個巴爾幹半島的國家,位於歐洲東南部,巴爾幹半島中部的內陸國,與蒙特內哥羅、波士尼亞與赫塞哥維納、克羅埃西亞、匈牙利、羅馬尼亞、保加利亞、北馬其頓以及阿爾巴尼亞接壤。 --來自 維基百科


2022/07/15 | Anthony Kao

Dignity at the Margins: Exploring Kosovo Through a Taiwanese Lens

Like Taiwan, Kosovo is a partially recognized country—but what does that mean for everyday life? When statehood falls into question, the mundane becomes less so.

2021/11/25 | Deutsche Welle

Chinese Construction Site in Serbia Using ‘Slave Labor’

Around 500 Vietnamese workers are building the first Chinese tire factory in Europe. Activists say their working conditions are inhumane: no money, no passports, no hot water. The Serbian government rejects the claims.

2021/05/13 | The Conversation

How China Used the Media To Spread Its Covid Narrative — and Win Friends Around the World

Most countries report coverage of China has become more positive in national media since the onset of the pandemic, a survey shows.