首爾(韓語:서울 Seoul 韓語發音,文觀部式拼法:Seoul,IPA:[sʌ.ul]),正式名稱為首爾特別市(韓語:서울특별시/서울特別市 Seoul Teukbyeolsi),是大韓民國首都及經濟、科技、文化中心,亦是朝鮮半島人口最多的城市。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/09/03 | The Interpreter

A Biden Presidency and the US–South Korea Alliance

Can Joe Biden, if elected, heal the rift between the two countries, or will he make it worse?

2017/04/07 | Darren J. Lim and Victor Ferguson

Costs of Chinese Boycotts Cut Both Ways

South Korea joins a growing list of countries suffering economic losses after making political or security decisions in the face of objections from Beijing