Scott Morrison

史考特·約翰·莫里森(英語:Scott John Morrison,1968年5月13日-,澳大莉亞當地譯莫理遜),澳洲政治人物,為自由黨籍。 --來自 維基百科


2022/05/25 | The Interpreter

China: The Morrison Legacy and Beyond

Labor is expected to persist with most of the Coalition’s foreign and defense policies. But useful changes can be made.

2021/12/15 | Deutsche Welle

Is South Korea Close to Officially Ending the Korean War?

It has long been a dream of South Korean President Moon to formally end the war with the North, but analysts caution the idea may not be strategically sound or politically feasible.

2020/02/10 | The Interpreter

Australia-Indonesia: An Uncertain World Makes for Firm Friends

Australia and Indonesia have more and more in common, a fact which should challenge old tropes about their differences.