三星集團(韓語:삼성그룹/三星그룹 Samseong Geurup;英語:Samsung Group)是一家總部設於韓國首爾的跨國綜合企業,經營領域涵蓋電子、金融業、保險、生物製藥、建設、化工業、醫療等等廣泛領域。 --來自 維基百科


2017/04/28 | FORTUNE

Affordable Chinese Phones May Become Favored Over iPhone, Research Shows

The struggling smartphone market is making a bit of a rebound thanks to a handful of Chinese companies.

2015/08/25 | Yuan

TSMC Wins Case Against Former Employee Who Disclosed Classified Information to Samsung

After his non-compete clause ended in February of 2011, Liang Meng-song collected the obligated NT$ 46,000,000 (approximately US$ 1.4 million) worth of stock dividends and was employed at Samsung in July the same year. But TSMC suspected Liang of leaking classified information to Samsung and appealed to forbid him to work for Samsung until the end of this year.