全球銀行金融電信協會(英語:Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication,縮寫:SWIFT),或譯全球同業銀行金融電訊協會,為總部位於比利時的全球性同業合作組織,是世界領先的金融報文傳送服務機構,為全球社群提供金融報文傳送平台和通信標準,在國際貿易和商業活動起著舉足輕重的作用。 --來自 維基百科


2022/06/01 | East Asia Forum

As the World Sanctions Russia, China Takes Note

China’s reliance on the West and its capacity to withstand sanctions will be reduced if it has more control over the financial system. While it is working towards becoming less economically dependent on the West, it is not there yet.

2022/03/10 | Voice of America

Tokyo Freezes Assets of Russians, Clarifying Once Ambiguous Relations With Moscow

The shift of tone since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the collapse of faith of both the Japanese government and the public that Russia will abide by international norms, analysts say.