財團法人海峽交流基金會,簡稱海基會,是中華民國辦理海峽兩岸交流所衍生的各項事務的民間組織,但因為其業務授權和指導機關為行政院大陸委員會(陸委會),實為一個半官方的機構。 --來自 維基百科


2016/09/02 | Mo Tz-pin

Mixed Reactions to Taiwan’s New Top China Negotiator

The Tsai administration has appointed a new head for the Straits Exchange Foundation in hopes for improving cross-Strait exchange.

2016/08/15 | J. Michael Cole

Ex-SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane’s Foundation Could Be Conduit for PRC Political Warfare

It seemed innocuous enough: a conference commemorating Sun Yat-sen’s 150th anniversary. But look at the sponsors from the Chinese side and things become a little more interesting.