自由民主主義學生緊急行動(日語:自由と民主主義のための学生緊急行動;英語:Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracys,縮寫為SEALDs、シールズ)是日本的一個學生運動組織。 --來自 維基百科


2015/08/31 | Sid Weng

120,000 Japanese Surround the Capitol in Protest of New Security Bill

Opposers see the amendment as a "legislation of war" and are worried young people will be forced to go on the battlefield if Japan gets involved in international wars.

2015/08/27 | Sid Weng

Japanese Students Protest Against Japan-U.S. Security Treaty

According to a poll conducted by the Japanese media, Abe’s supporting rate has decreased 30 percent during the examination of the treaty. The Japanese Prime Minister has no choice but to extend the parliament recession that was supposed to end on June 22 to September 27 in order to pass the treaty.