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2017/07/24 | James Chin
Here is Why Mahathir is at the Center of Malaysia’s Opposition Power Play
Mahathir represents an alternative Ketuanan Melayu leadership, rather than real political reforms.
2017/07/11 | Patrick Jory
Thailand Now 'Made in China?' Bangkok Gets Closer to Beijing
A cartoon recently appeared in a leading Thai newspaper depicting an engorged Thailand’s Defence Minister getting a tattoo on his stomach saying ‘Made in China.'
2016/07/29 | ZiQing Low
Governments Worry Pokémon Go Could Threaten National Security
Indonesia has already started banning the game, even though it is not available yet in the country.
2016/07/25 | Edward White
ANALYSIS: Is Asia’s Terrorism Threat Level Rising?
Experts take stock of an increase in terrorist activity in Southeast Asia during the holy month of Ramadan, and a new report reveals a high number of Chinese joining Islamic State.
2016/06/14 | Edward White
FEATURE: Islamic State's Expansion into Asia Worries Experts
A day after the execution of a Canadian in the Philippines, Southeast Asia terrorism experts warn that international efforts must be ramped up to counter the spread of Islamic State throughout the region.