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2020/01/25 | Will Peyton
China's Growing Power: A Potential Response From the Anglosphere
One of the world's most dominant intelligence networks might be looking to expand in response to China's global rise to power.
2018/07/19 | Policy Forum
ANALYSIS: Russia's Expanding Asia-Pacific Power Play
In the absence of strong relations with Western nations, Russia may be making its own pivot to Asia. This should motivate Australia and ASEAN states to fortify their own presences in the area.
2018/05/03 | China Brief
China, Russia and the Lure of a 'Polar Silk Road'
China sees currently chimeric Arctic shipping as one solution to its energy import problems.
Why Is Russia Outpacing China in Income Inequality?
Due to significant differences in privatization strategies, the way in which economic growth has been shared among the citizens of these two countries is vastly different.
2017/07/27 | Ma Te
One Hundred Years of Northeast China’s Frontier Railway
The Russian-built China Eastern Railway, once the most advanced transport route in the world, has now fallen on hard times.
2017/07/16 | Edward Cavanough
Mongolia’s Election Outcome is a Win for Putin
Battulga’s pro-Russia agenda means his election is a significant win for Russian President Vladimir Putin, representing as it does a further proliferation of pro-Kremlin regimes in the states bordering Russia’s extensive frontier.
2017/07/14 | James Goldrick
Parsing the Significance of the New Russia-China Naval Cooperation
Exercise Joint Sea 2017: A new step in Russo-Chinese naval cooperation?
2017/06/16 | Harsh V. Pant
Troubled Waters: Modi Seeks to Smooth Ties with Putin
Despite Modi’s recent visit, Moscow–Delhi ties are likely to remain tumultuous in the coming years.
2017/04/01 | Anthony V. Rinna
Russia’s Stake in South Korea's THAAD Missile Debate
The geopolitics of South Korea's missile system is of concern to major regional players, namely China, US, and Russia.
The Russian Variable in Post-Brexit UK Foreign Relations with China, the US and EU
The post-Brexit context reveals an opportunity for the UK to benefit from the existing Sino-Russian relations in Eurasia and the changing interests of the US in Europe.
2017/03/01 | Peter Rutland
The Petty Bargain: Trump, Putin and the Future of US-Russia Relations
The annexation of Crimea showed that the most reliable way to ensure a surge of popularity for Putin is foreign policy adventurism. More surprises may be in store.
2017/02/20 | Alexander Bukh
Can Russia Win Friends and Influence People in Southeast Asia?
Studies show positive perceptions of Russia among young educated elites in Southeast Asia.
2017/02/18 | The Japan Times
A Growing Silence in Russia for Opposition Voices
A Russian court last week convicted Alexei Navalny, the face of the opposition movement in the country, on charges of embezzlement.
2017/01/31 | Matthew Dal Santo
A Gand Bargain: What Russia Now Wants from the West
'Though Trump has yet to fix a date for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian press has been alive with discussions about how to make the most of the most Russia-friendly incoming administration in American history.'