2018/08/09 | East Asia Forum

OPINION: ASEAN Defense Meeting Holds Key to Rohingya Crisis

ASEAN nations have made great strides towards humanitarian cooperation in recent years.

2018/05/18 | TIME

60 Rohingya Babies Are Born in Refugee Camps Every Day

Only about 1 in 5 babies were delivered in medical facilities.

2018/05/11 | AsiaGlobal Online

ANALYSIS: How Facebook Is Damaging Myanmar's Fragile Democracy

Myanmar is becoming a forceful example of how unrestrained social media can polarize opinion and damage democracy.

2018/04/23 | The Interpreter

Who Will Ultimately Be Blamed for the Rohingya Crisis?

For decades, Myanmar’s leaders have feared that they may be brought before a court to account for their actions, but the issue goes far beyond military top brass.

2018/04/11 | Mongabay

Rohingya Refugees Gored by Elephants at Record Rates

Refugee camps in Bangladesh are edging up against wildlife habitats, leading to at least a dozen deaths.

2018/03/29 | East Asia Forum

Decades of Rohingya Tensions Still Strain the Myanmar-Bangladesh Relationship

The Rohingya crisis isn't a recent phenomenon, but new kinds of international pressure will be needed to resolve it.

2018/02/11 | TNL Staff

Week in Focus: Taiwan is Shaken

Hualien begins to recover as the South Korea's big moment arrives.

2018/02/05 | Dr. James M. Dorsey

Conflicts across Asia Threaten Stability and Development

The Rohingya crisis is only the latest failure of humanity that will impact the world for decades to come.

2018/01/24 | TIME

Rohingya Crisis 'Even Worse Than Portrayed' — US Official

A plan to allow displaced Rohingya to return to Myanmar has also been delayed.

2018/01/10 | Kaamil Ahmed

Rohingya Refugee Camps Are Stripping Forests Bare

Bangladeshi forests are being decimated to feed the needs of an unfortunate refugee population.

2018/01/05 | K Yhome

Can India's 'Military Diplomacy' Help Pacify Myanmar?

India is using UN peacekeeping exercises to keep Myanmar internationally engaged.

2017/09/21 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Aung San Suu Kyi's Head Buried in the Sand?

Aung San Suu Kyi says she does not know why people are fleeing and 'since the fifth of September, there have been no armed clashes and there have been no clearance operations.'