Republic of China

中華民國是位於東亞的民主制國家,自1912年成立後即為國際承認的「中國」代表政權,亦為1945年聯合國創始會員國及前安理會常任理事國,1971年代表席次被中共政權取代前退出聯合國,此後經歷幾段斷交潮,因實際控制領土的政治處境下通稱「臺灣」,目前僅包括梵蒂岡教廷在內的15個是聯合國正式會員的邦交國仍承認其為代表「中國」的唯一合法政府。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/11/17 | Bryan Chou

The KMT’s Emblem Becomes an Issue Again

The longstanding controversy over the KMT and ROC emblems exemplifies the complexity of Taiwanese politics.

2020/05/13 | TNL Staff

Professor's Apology to Chinese Student Sparks Debate on Taiwan's Academic Freedom

A Chinese student in Taiwan demanded his professor make an apology based on Covid-19 comments during a lecture.

2020/04/28 | Hilton Yip

OPINION: Why Taiwan’s China Airlines and the CPBL Must Reflect Reality in Their Names

The names of China Airlines and Chinese Professional Baseball League have cast a shadow on Taiwan's lauded Covid-19 response. It's time to change these names to reflect Taiwanese reality.

2020/08/27 | Catherine Chou

Don’t Blame Jeremy Lin. The Problem Is Taiwan’s ROC Nationality Laws.

If Taiwan does not want to be seen simply as a “Chinese democracy,” giving a permanent stake in society to those who migrated from other parts of the world is an important step towards shedding that label.