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Myanmar Refugees Face Resettlement Funding Crisis
Ethnic minority populations are not as excited about repatriation to Myanmar as their foreign aid donors.
Why Is India Threatening to Deport 40,000 Rohingya Muslims?
The threat of deportation is adding more grief to the lives of Rohingya refugees.
2017/07/14 | Saigoneer
Here and There: Exploring Vietnamese Immigrant and Refugee Experiences
'This process can be used by other immigrants and other refugees as a way to collect their own history because we’re getting older and a lot of these stories are getting lost,' says Linh Phan, creator of the Here and There project.
2017/06/04 | Guy Aitchison
BOOK REVIEW: 'The Ethics and Politics of Immigration'
Alex Sager brings together contributors to examine debates within political philosophy and theory regarding the laws, policies, and practices governing immigration.
2017/05/26 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Simon Chang, the Only Taiwanese Photographer Documenting Refugees in Slovenia
The world is unfair, but through the lenses of Taiwanese photographer Simon Chang, we are all just human.
2017/04/17 | ZiQing Low
Chinese Activist Surfaces in Taipei, Told He May Face Uphill Battle for Asylum
The Chinese activist who fled a tour group last week may face a tough time to gain asylum in Taiwan, a local NGO has warned.
2017/03/29 | Kirsten Han
Singapore Establishment Licks its Wounds after US Court says Amos Yee Persecuted for Political Views
‘Allowing immunity for hate speech only encourages the undermining of values in a functional democracy,’ said the head of the Law Society of Singapore.
2017/02/18 | Cara Giaimo
The Little-Known Passport that Protected 450,000 Refugees
Between 1922 and 1938, the 'Nansen Passport' allowed stateless people to make a new life.
2017/01/23 | Kyodo News
Daughter of Refugee Strives to Build Japanese School in Vietnam
‘My dream is to do something that would serve as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam,’ says Doan Thy Trang.
2016/11/16 | Kyodo News
Asylum Seekers Trapped in Limbo as Japan Keeps Door Closed
Many of refugees denied refugee status as Japan's law does not include war refugees under its interpretation of the U.N. Refugee Convention.
2016/10/27 | Olivia Yang
'It Could Be You Or Me': Interview With UNHCR Communications Officer Caroline Gluck
'These are people like you and me, who had homes, jobs and pride. Their kids went to school. They were proud of their country.'
2016/08/05 | Yuan-ling Liang
Are Chinese Cram Schools Teaching People How to be North Korean Defectors?
Two cram schools in China are reportedly teaching people to be North Korean defectors to gain refugee status in Europe.