公民投票(英語:referendum),簡稱公投,又稱複決、全民公決,由整個國家或者地區的全體人民投票決定某些問題,例如選擇一個國家元首或政府,是否與他國組成邦聯、聯邦或併入一個國家,決定國家政策的制定與修改或廢除等等。 --來自 維基百科

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2021/08/05 | Global Voices

The Diplomatic Struggle Over Taiwan’s Name in the Olympics

The Taiwanese team can only compete under the name of Chinese Taipei in the Games. Some are trying to change that.

2018/12/20 | East Asia Forum

JAPAN: Okinawa Referendum Set to Decide Future of US Military Presence

Voters will decide whether US troops should be relocated amid increasing opposition to their presence on the island.

2017/10/05 | Hector Muñoz

Catalonia and Taiwan? Not the Same

It’s important to check the political reality before falling victim to emotion when it comes to discussing issues of independence.

2016/10/13 | Olivia Yang

Art Exhibition Highlights Concerns of Penghu Casino Plan

The outlying island archipelago located in the Taiwan Strait will be seeing its second referendum on a casino bill this Saturday. A group of artists are raising awareness of the issue at a new exhibition in Taipei.